Developing High Potential Individuals

A coach is a silent business partner who supports, motivates, challenges, strategizes and encourages creative solutions to work and life problems. Silicon Valley Executive Coaching is committed to working with individuals and business teams to reach full potential and to increase success. We can also redirect high potentials on a derailment track.  

Executive coaching is a critical business function. Employees at every level who are focused and effective reduce costs, increase productivity and experience high morale. The executive, entrepreneur, manager or individual contributor who achieves the goals listed below definitely has an edge in a competitive marketplace. Silicon Valley Executive Coaching is committed to helping individuals to:

* Clarify and focus on critical goals

* Improve decision making

* Increase ability to prioritize

* More successfully work with colleagues, co-workers, teams and  subordinates

* Fine-tune presentation skills

* Learn to manage time better

* Remove blocks to action

* Heighten self-awareness

* Maintain momentum and energy

* Manage feelings more effectively

* Reduce stress and create inner quiet

* Live a more balanced life

* Late-stage career planning

Dr. Toder is based in Palo Alto, California and can be reached via this web site at:, or at or by phone: 650-380-1380.